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Google Pixel 5; familiar specs but we’re exceedingly happy

The new Google Pixel 5 has just landed and we couldn't be more happier. Launched virtually as an online only event, Google showcased other products too. But we are curious…

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What is HDR and do we need it that bad?

HDR (High Dynamic Range) is not just a gimmick for marketing. It has its purpose which is tremendously applicable in wide variety of usuage. HDR is a color technology that…

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LG takes uninterrupted phone experience to the next level; meet the new LG Wing

LG WING offers both conventional and unique user experiences – giving the user the option to choose which one they want according to their needs at the moment. The user…

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Apple Watch Series 6: Seriously geared towards saving lives; Now has a blood-oxygen meter

Apple recently announced its glorious Apple Watch Series 6, with a revolutionary feature that makes it one of the most essential gadgets in the history; that is the inclusion of a…



What is HDR and do we need it that bad?

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